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Chopping Block

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Today's modern and elegant kitchens are growing rapidly in size and many designers are adding a practical table kitchen island along with the practical kitchen furniture, state of the art cabinets and custom countertop designs that have gained recent popularity. The practical table kitchen island on wheels looks beautiful in most settings and adds workspace, storage area and room for additional appliances. The useful rolling kitchen island provides convenience and efficiency by adding more workspace to your kitchen.

Chopping Blocks the online store of kitchen utensils, invites you to look through our comprehensive collection of elegant and stylish John Boos table kitchen island on wheels, stainless steel kitchen island, cheese cutting boards, chopping blocks, and various kitchen accessories. Please feel free to browse our comprehensive collection of quality kitchen islands and chopping blocks, kitchen rolling carts etc.

Table Kitchen Island with Butcher Block

The practical and stylish table kitchen island with butcher block is a kitchen workstation, and is as beautiful as it is functional. The efficient table kitchen island also makes a wonderful presentation surface for entertaining, including holiday buffets!

The table kitchen island with butcher block manufactured by John Boos & Co. will not only last a lifetime, it also will become a true family heirloom, lasting for many generations of kitchen memories. If you need some extra workspace and decorative chic in your kitchen, take advantage of the useful table kitchen island on wheels or the stylish table kitchen island with butcher block. invites you to browse the collection of table kitchen islands and kitchen accessories, and choose the most practical table kitchen island, butcher blocks, chopping boards that will suit all your needs.

Penetrating Oil

Just like wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks, the natural wood surface of the table kitchen island with butcher block is protected by special penetrating oil, which is actually absorbed into the fibers. That is why it is advisable to periodically re-oil the butcher block tops of the table kitchen island to preserve their beauty and durability. If, after heavy usage, you wish to remove cut marks, just sand off the top and re-oil. It will look like brand new.

The most important step in avoiding food contamination is to wash your rolling table kitchen island with butcher block thoroughly with John Boos penetrating Oil after each use.